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Vietnam Gold Tower Balm Ointment - Muscle Aches, Arthritis, Muscle Joints Rheumatism Pain Relief

For treatment of:
-Arthritis rheumatism
-Aching bones or bone pain, neck pain Rheumatic pain
-Back pain, sciatica , bruises, sprains, cramps, through the meridians, insect bites bee pin, lift the muscle fatigue , itching , motion sickness journey

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Vietnam Balm Muscle Aches, Arthritis Pain Relief Cream

₦10,000 ₦8,000

The Vietnamese folk ancestral secret recipe and famous medicinal herbs and advanced medicinal materials have become the most sophisticated external use ointment with the latest scientific methods. This product has been issued by the Ministry of medicine and issued by the national medical department. This cream as a special analgesic cream is effective.

Suitable for for Rheumatism; rheumatoid synovial swelling and pain and joint pain caused by joint effusion, back and waist pain caused by Sciatica/arthritis. Joint swelling and pain, joint stiffness, waist and leg muscles.

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Relieve pain

Due to bone hyperplasia, lumbar disc herniation, rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica, lumbar muscle strain, bruises, frozen shoulder, cervical spondylosis caused by pain.

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Scope of Application

Shoulder pain , minor sprains , back pain , abdominal pain , headache, joint pain, general labor intense exercise or work caused by muscle aches, insect bites and itchy skin . Rheumatic pain , numbness and pain ended , xue vitality , getting active , chills and pain , swelling and stasis.

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using several times a day, apply cream to the affected area and then use your thumb to massage or acupuncture or massage kneading by hand, but also scraping . Use this cream does not dye in clothing.

Bone Ling Pain Relief Spray

₦8,000 ₦7,000

The unique Tibetan-Chinese chafing restores blood flow to the sore spot, relieves swelling and pain. It has been used successfully in very difficult circumstances: in the treatment of arthritis, rheumatism, aching bones, pinching the sciatic nerve, paralysis of the limbs after a stroke.

In addition, with "Chinese haze" get rid of varicose veins, spurs, burns, bruises, cuts of varying severity. This rubbing works where the hope of a cure is almost lost..

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