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Lose weight by walking with magnetic insoles.

Miracle socks help to reduce swelling, enhance blood circulation, and relieve symptoms of varicose veins

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Acupuncture Fat Burning Insoles

These Acupressure Slimming Insoles are made of flexible plastic inserts that combine acupressure, reflexology, and magnets to provide gentle and effective stimulation to the feet. When walking in reflexology insoles, your feet massage themselves!.

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  • It can strengthen your health and resist sickness.
  • Gel material to absorb shock and ensure comforts, with foot health.
  • Separate sweat from shoes and eliminate foot odor.
  • You are able to cut the insole according to your size if necessary.
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  • The insole can spread the dummy’s blood vessel, absorb the heat, and send the heat over the body.
  • The magnetic acupressure helps to get the harmful materials out from your body like excess calcium, lactic acid, uric acid quickly.
  • It can improve your blood circulation.
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  • Cut the insole if necessary according to your size.
  • Put it into your shoe or boot, you are allowed to put the magnetic pad face up or face down. It can work in both directions.
  • For elderly people or people who can not walk, please sit on a chair and put insoles, and then rub your feet on the carpet.
  • Suitable to wear every day.

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