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White Rice Serum keeps the skin smooth and bright, It also fights signs of aging & replenishes the skin for a more youthful look.

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To make skin soft tender and water embellishing, carefully take care of and add credit for skin. Delicate tender and smooth, Skin delicate tender and smooth, to show beautiful and charming princess look.

[Product efficacy]
Contains white rice germ essence, to help nourish and moisture skin, replenishment and moisturizing, to make skin shiny moist soft and tender.

[How to use]

After the normal facial cleaning procedure.
Use the palm of the hand or make-up cotton to apply the appropriated amount to the face.
Don’t give pressure to the skin, gently use the pulp to play small circles.

Tips: Recommended daily use 2 times (morning and night) adhere to continues use, to help and improve skin.

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